Daring Faith

Brave Children's Worship Album and Resource Disc Bundle   £20.00  Order
Bundle includes:

- 1 Brave Children's Worship Album
- 1 Brave Resource Disc
Daring Faith Campaign Starter Kit   £50.00  Order
Your Daring Faith starter kit includes: 1 Daring Faith Workbook, 6-Week Small Group Teaching DVD, Downloadable Daring Faith: The Key to Miracles Sermon Series, Downloadable Success Guide, Resources Disc.
Daring Faith Early Childhood and Elementary Curriculum Bundle   £75.00  Order
Daring Faith Memory Verse Bookmarks   Pack of 25£10.00  Order
Pack of 25 bookmarks for the Daring Faith campaign.
Daring Faith Resource Disc   £20.00  Order
Eliminate the need for a church giving consultant or coaching program. This resource disc contains everything you need to help you customize the campaign specifically for your church. Includes files to help your church strategize and implement a giving campaign. Also includes Daring Faith logos, web banners, and more!
Daring Faith Small Group DVD   £10.00  Order
Your church will unite in renewed strength as together you learn what it means to have a bold, unshakable faith that gives you the courage to impact the world around you.
Daring Faith Workbook   £6.00  Order
The Daring Faith Workbook includes study guides for all 6 small group lessons and a daily devotional for each day of the campaign (40 days).