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Aim of the Campaign

Welcome to 40 Days in the Word! This teaching series and corresponding small group curriculum shows you how to not just hear the Word, but to be a doer of the Word as well.

Together with Rick Warren and Saddleback Church you have experienced 40 days of Purpose, Love and Community. Now come along with Rick on a journey of 40 Days in the Word, a journey of eternal significance as you and your church will learn how to be not only a “hearer” of the Word, but also a “doer” of God’s Word.

In this campaign, you will listen to weekly teachings, go through the materials with your small group and follow a daily devotion and scripture reading. Your small group will be encouraged to work towards its own unique outreach project.

“How many times do members of your church doubt God’s Word, fall prey to others who attack its reliability or not live out its content? Too many of God’s people don’t know God’s Word, don’t really believe God’s Word or don’t ‘do’ God’s Word. 40 Days in the Word will transform your people from ‘hearers’ to ‘doers.’ ” Pastor Rick Warren.

40 Days in the Word is a church wide weekly study of six principles of the Word of God. Together with Rick and the Saddleback Team, you and your church will explore the authenticity, reliability, power, comfort, interpretation and doing of God’s Word. This eight week journey (Starting with your launch Sunday, followed by the six week sermon series, and concluding with your Celebration Sunday), led by Rick Warren, will encourage spiritual growth in every member of your church.

No other habit can do more to transform your life and make you more like Jesus than to study and act upon God’s Word. To be a healthy disciple of Jesus, feeding on God’s Word must be your first priority. Jesus called it “abiding.” He said,

“If you abide in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine” (John 8:31 NASB).

By the end of forty days together, this series will help you . . .

  • Love the Word of God like you have never loved it before
  • Learn the Word of God like you have never learned it before
  • Live the Word of God like you have never lived it before

God’s Word is not meant just to inform you, but to transform you. God never meant for Bible study to simply increase our knowledge. Receiving, reading, researching, remembering, and reflecting on the Bible is useless if we fail to put God’s Word into practice.

The apostle James says if we want our lives to be blessed by God we must become “doers of the word” (James 1:22–25 KJV).

40 Days in the Word will inspire every person to Love the Word, Learn the Word and Live the Word!

40 Days in the Word is a journey of eternal significance and each person will not only learn how to be "hearers" of the Word, but also to become "doers" of the Word.

The initiative (sermon series and small groups) begins on your chosen launch Sunday, and will focus on six areas:

Session/Week 1: Pronounce It!
Session/Week 2: Picture It!
Session/Week 3: Probe It!
Session/Week 4: Paraphrase It!
Session/Week 5: Personalize It! and Pray It!
Session/Week 6: Principles of Bible Interpretation

This six week sermon series and small group study will transform lives and your church!


A campaign not to miss
“"40 Days in the Word" aroused our members interest and engagement with the bible in a way nothing else we have tried ever has. People were excited about reading the Bible, one said they hadn't realised Bible reading could be fun, the children joined in and parents were thrilled with their response. Everyone realised that they had to live the Word, not just know it, and got excited about applying the Word through their Micah challenges. This is a campaign not to miss!" ”
By Rev Martin Saxby, M20 Rugby UK, on 13/5/2012

Simple yet complete
“At so many levels the Word of God is simple yet complete.  We need nothing more than to truly hear the Word of God and then DO IT!”
By Ken Stregger on 29/2/2012

What Could Be Tedious Made Easy & Purposeful
“…Rick Warren takes what could be a very dry, academic, and tedious science and breathes life and personal purpose into it.  I think Warren could make the genealogies exciting.  He even makes passing reference to a hina clause but it doesn't detract from his point in explaining 1 Tim. 3:16-17, that the purpose of the Word is to equip us for every good work.

Wisely, he limits these six group studies only to what he calls the Devotional Method, the first chapter out of his book, Bible Study Methods.  But he also includes a brief lesson on principles of interpretation in session six.”
By Banks Corl on 21/9/2011

Excellent Material
“Looks like some great material here.”
By Craig Minke on 15/9/2011


You now have two alternatives for ordering your 40 Days in The Word campaign resources:

Option 1.  Direct access to all campaign resources through this web site:

You do not have to register and you can choose the resources you need for your church campaign, small group or personal study.  All resources will be priced as shown plus post and packing.


Option 2.  Register for a campaign and receive the following additional benefits:

  • 15% discount on listed prices for all registered campaign resources
  • Receive the full Campaign Preview Kit, (See content details below)
  • Receive our support and experience in helping you to run your campaign

Cost of registration and Campaign Preview Kit: £85.00 now £50.00 (for a limited time only)


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What’s in the full campaign Registration Pack?

This 40 Days in the Word Campaign Preview Kit contains examples of all the materials your church members and small groups will need to participate in this campaign.

A passion to love, learn, and live the Word of God will be spreading nationwide with this campaign, as thousands of churches have already registered their church for 40 Days in the Word. Be a part of the coming wave, and our hope is that your congregation will be inspired to join together in a shared commitment to be “doers” of the Word!

The following materials are included within the kit:

  • 15% off voucher code* on all materials related to your 40 Days in the Word campaign. (*for 1 year)
  • 40 Days in the Word Workbook– Essential to guide participants through six easy-to-learn methods of loving, learning, and living the Word.
  • 6 Week Small Group Teaching DVD – Six 25-30 minute video messages for small group study, Sunday school, or adult education class.
  • Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods book – 12 ways you can unlock God's Word.
  • Campaign Success Guide – Helps you plan, promote and implement the 40 Days in the Word campaign for your congregation.
  • Campaign Resource Disc – Contains many tools to help you customize the campaign specifically for your church, such as 40 Days in the Word logos, promo videos from Rick, web banners, PowerPoint templates, etc.Sample of a 40 Days in the Word Key Tag Set, Bookmark, Lobby Poster and Covenant Card.Free 40 Days in the Word Sermon Series – Taught by Pastor Rick Warren.
  • Sample of a 40 Days in the Word Key Tag Set, Bookmark, Lobby Poster and Covenant Card.
  • Free 40 Days in the Word Sermon Series – Taught by Pastor Rick Warren.

Additional Information

  1. Churches have the option to customise their implementation of the campaign by choosing the resources they need. We would however strongly recommend that churches register and complete the full campaign for maximum impact.  The power and impact of the Campaign is best captured by the principle of “multiple reinforcement.” This means that the themes of the Campaign are reinforced by layering the same message as it is repeated from several perspectives: the Weekend Services, the weekly Bible Studies, the daily personal readings, and the weekly memory verse. All of these are essential to experience the full power of the Campaign. To extract any of the pieces means you minimize the impact.
  2. Churches can team up with other churches but should still register as separate centres to help us with co-ordination and support.
  3. All church sizes can complete a campaign. We have had small churches, as low as fifteen members; successfully complete previous 40 Days campaigns.