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European Purpose Driven Church Conference - Nottingham (10 - DVD set)   £60.00
Full set (1-10) on DVD of the Purpose Driven European Conference held in Nottingham 2005

Taught by Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Team

Every church is driven by something. There is a guiding force, a controlling assumption, a directing conviction behind everything that happens. It may be unspoken. It may be unknown to many. Mostly likely it has never been officially voted on. But it is there, influencing every aspect of the church’s life. What is the driving force behind your church?

Most churches lack balance, relying on one or two "keys" to growth – small groups, Sunday school, evangelism, discipleship, or worship.

The personality and passion of the pastor usually drives the church.

The truth is that growth is a result of a combination of many factors and the secret to a healthy church is balance!

By focusing equally on all five of the New Testament purposes of the church, your church will develop the healthy balance that makes lasting growth possible.

The Purpose Driven principles will give you a process for moving people from conversion to spiritual maturity for the purpose of ministry and mission.

Strong churches are not built on programmes, personalities, or gimmicks. They are built on the eternal purposes of God.

Methods change, but the message never changes!

  • The Heart of a Purpose Driven Church

  • Your Purpose in Life

  • Building a Purpose Driven Church

  • Targeting Your Community for Evangelism

  • Attracting a Crowd to Worship

  • A Worship Service that Reaches Unbelievers

  • Building your Congregation and Developing Mature Members

  • Developing Mature Members and Building Small Groups

  • How to Turn an Audience into an Army

  • How to Get Ready to be Used by God
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