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Testimonies To Go - Volumes 11 - 12 DVD   £8.00
The videotaped testimonies of actual participants demonstrate how God used Celebrate Recovery to change the lives of believers with a variety of hurts, hang-ups and habits.

Testimonies have been a part of Celebrate Recovery since the very first meeting in November 1991. The purpose of the "Testimonies to Go" videos is twofold: (1) To help new Celebrate Recovery ministries get started with providing testimonies as a regular part of their weekly large and small group time; and (2) to provide encouragement to all of the courageous individuals as they grow in their own recovery.

Volume 11

KATRINA: Turning to perfectionism to prove and earn love from anyone who would give her attention, Katrina created the illusion of a beautiful, happy and ideal life. The void that she felt inside fueled her love and relationship addiction and led to the destruction of her marriage and to her contemplating to take her own life. Katrina turned to God to rescue her, and He wrapped His arms around her and brought her to Celebrate Recovery where she found hope, freedom and love.

MURPHY FAMILY: Co-dependency, anger and fear plagued the Murphy family. Putting on masks of perfection around others while dying on the inside, the cycle of dysfunction was passed on from generation to generation. While seeking to support a cousin with addiction, God used the Celebrate Recovery International Summit to begin the transformation and healing process of the Murphy's which then spread across the state of Oklahoma.

DUSTY: Growing up the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, Dusty learned to be a people pleaser and keep secrets. Behind the facade of a good solid Christian, sexual addiction took a stronghold in his life and led to the loss of his job, marriage and ministry. Finding himself alone, knowing he was broken and wanting to put an end to his pain and addiction, Dusty cried out to God and found healing and reconciliation.

RODNEY: Coming from a broken home full of physical, mental and verbal abuse Rodney walked through his addictions to alcohol and drugs and toward the healing arms of the Savior. God took this emotional young boy living inside a grown man‰?s body and through Jesus healing power brought life, restoration, and freedom. Rodney explains how the process of Celebrate Recovery washed the stains of his broken life away. God continues to use the stains from Rodney‰?s past to bring hope to others who are hurting.

Volume 12

RENEE AND HALEY: This mother and daughter share how abuse, abandonment, fear and low self-esteem led each of them to use drugs, alcohol, co-dependency and sexual addiction to cope with the pain in their lives. Helpless until they learned to turn to Christ and commit their lives to Him, Renee and Haley found forgiveness for themselves and learned to accept the love of God and others through Celebrate Recovery.

HECTOR AND MARISA: This father and daughter shared the feeling of being worthless as they were each sexually abused as children. Turning to shame, guilt and fear they experienced consuming anger that brought destruction within their lives. Turning to God, they learned that they mattered to Him and that He was faithful and could transform their lives.

SHIRLEY: A seemingly "good" Christian girl, with a good upbringing, Shirley began compromising herself in High School to be accepted by her peers. This continued as she sought to find her prince in shining armor, but instead had 3 failed marriages due to abuse, betrayal and abandonment. This battered, bruised and broken Christian woman began to seek and serve God which led to the beginning of her road to recovery.

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