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How to be a Purpose Driven Church: Teacher's Guide   £50.00
Build a purpose driven church!

If you focus on building people, God will build his Church. If a church is healthy, growth occurs naturally and consistently. But health only comes by balancing all five biblical purposes Christ created his Church to fulfill. – Rick Warren

How to Be a Purpose Driven Church isn’t about church growth. It’s about church health. Based on Pastor Rick Warren’s popular Purpose Driven Church Conference, this seven-session course helps your church grow:

- Warmer through fellowship

- Deeper through discipleship

- Stronger through worship

- Broader through ministry

- Larger through evangelism

More than 400,000 pastors and church leaders from 164 countries have benefited from this material – discovering that a church grows when its members are moved to become the mature Christ-followers they’re called to be.

And your church will benefit too with each of these practical, Bible-based sessions:

- Building a Purpose Driven Church

- Reaching Our Community Through Evangelism

- Attracting a Crowd to Worship

- Building Our Congregation in Fellowship

- Developing Our Committed Through Discipleship

- Empowering Our Core for Ministry

- Sending Our Commissioned on Outreach

The course package includes a teacher's guide, graphics for each session, and a DVD seminar of each session with Saddleback Pastor Tom Holladay.

This course is like bringing your entire team to a Purpose Driven Conference, without the time and expense. For each sessions content you can use the included video teaching or teach the sessions yourself with the help of the full teaching transcript, and then will be able to use the action based discussion supplied at the end of each session to lead your team into some steps you can immediately take to strengthen God's purposes in your church.

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