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Book of Job - Vol 1   David Beer£2.75
First of a two part series by David Beer.
A five week small group study, helping to develop Christian maturity.
Includes notes for leaders.
Based on the book of Job chapters 1 to 8

The book of Job in the bible is often associated with suffering because Job suffered so much, but it is also a book of hope and offers us some explanations into suffering.

The mystery of how God works with people is explored through the experiences and sufferings of Job, a good man, who like his friends cannot understand why God permits him to suffer if he is truly innocent.

Some of the material here is drawn from the preaching of Pastor Rick Warren, author of `The Purpose Driven Life`

Some of Rick's illustrations are used in this material. Some of the material is drawn from Dr. R. T. Kendall, former pastor of Westminster Chapel, London.

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