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Wide Angle - framing your world view - DVD   Rick Warren - Chuck Colson£14.00
Six small group video lessons.
Your study of this material will be greatly enhanced by reading the book The Good Life small group special edition by Chuck Colson.

Your worldview consists of the beliefs you build your life on. It determines how you view God, yourself, and other people. It includes your thoughts about life and death, good and evil, pain and suffering, the past, the present and the future. It determines how you think about relationships, your time and your money. Everything you thnk about life is shaped by your worldview.

In this small group study, Rick Warren and Chuck Colson examine worldviews as they relate to the most important questions of our day. They explore such key issues as truth, tolerance, terrorism, reconciliation, and the purpose of life.

Session Titles:

Session one: My Worldview Matters

Session two: How Do We Know Whats True?

Session three: Where Did We Come From?

Session four: It's A Messed Up World.

Session five: What's The Solution?

Session six: What Do I Do Now?

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