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Day 41 - book   £2.54
Harnessing the momentum after the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign

Whether you are just embarking upon the purpose driven journey, or have already travelled to some point down the path, you, like the majority of churches completing the campaign, are most likely asking, "What's next"?

What currently drives your church?

The definition of drive is "to set or keep in motion, to guide, control, and direct"

Most churches tend to focus on only one of the five purposes found in the campaign. Few are driven by a desire to fulfill and balance all five of them. If you decide that you are willing to explore this pathway and assess the Purpose Driven paradigm, then this book is designed to help your church, no matter where you are in the process of becoming a full-fledged purpose driven church.

We pray you will harness the momentum fron 40 DOP and move forward with insight, wisdom, unity and joy.

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