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SHAPE - Soft Cover Book   Erik Rees£7.99
God has given every creature he made a special area of expertise to fulfill it's purpose. This is eqaully true of you and every other human being. You were uniquely designed and shaped by God. You are a custom-designed, one of a kind, original masterpiece.

Rick Warren's bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life describes God's five purposes for every Christian. Now Erik Rees helps you discover God's unique purpose for your life based on the way God has shaped you. Tap into it and into areas of your own deeply personal makeup - the remarkable ensemble of passions, talents, experiences, temperament and spiritual gifts that work together to make you who you are - and you'll discover the path to a life of unimagined purpose, impact and fulfillment.

In this eye-opening, empowering, and liberating book, Rees shows you how to uncover God's most powerful and effective means of advancing his kingdom on earth: your own irreplaceable, richly detailed personal design. Based on the purpose of ministry outlined in The Purpose Driven Life, this inspiring guidebook gives you the tools to:

•Unlock your God-given potential

•Uncover your specific Kingdom Purpose

•Unfold a Kingdom plan for your life

Filled with Scripture and real-life stories, SHAPE presents a series of challenges that will guide you through the process of discovering your personal blend of Spiritual Gifts - Heart - Abilities - Personality - Expectations.

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