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Better Together - book   £6.00
40 Days of Community Campaign Resource includes 40 Days of Journaling and 40 Days of Community Small Group Study in one book.

Better Together

What on earth are we here for?

Includes 40 Days of Devotions

40 Days of Journaling

40 Days of Community Small Group Study Guide

In 40 Days of Purpose, we answered the question, "What on earth am I here for?" We discovered God's five purposes for our lives: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Mission. Our lives were enriched, our churches grew, our small groups flourished.

Are you ready to go deeper?

40 Days of Community is the next step in learning to live a healthy, balanced, purpose driven life. In the next 40 days we will answer the question, "What on earth are we here for?"

Here's the clue to the answer:

We're better together!

This workbook is a vital resource for everyone who participates in 40 Days of Community. Features include:

•40 days of devotional readings based on the "One Anothers" of the Bible.

•40 Days of journaling pages for you to record your thoughts and prayers in response to your devotional reading.

•The complete study guide for 40 Days of Community small group DVD lessions taught by Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book, The Purpose Driven® Life.

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