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10 Qualities of a Healthy Small Group   Rick Warren and Tom Halladay£12.00
80 minutes Approx.
How do you live in the family of God? How do you develop and deepen relationships with other believers?
80 min (approx) audio plus printable transcripts and small group questions

The Bible says that you were made for relationships. The Bible says that it is not good for man to be alone,and the Bible says that God has developed just the place where you can develop the relational skills you need. It's called the church. The Bible says there's a combination of relationships that happens among believers, a level of intimacy that cannot happen anywhere else. It's called fellowship.

The Greek word for fellowship in the Bible is the word koinonia. And koinonia means being as committed to each other as we are to Jesus Christ. That's what real fellowship is all about - being committed to each other as we are to Jesus Christ. The Bible says in Romans 12: 5 "In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belong to all the others." How can I belong to all the others? How is that possible? How do I experience genuine fellowship, meaningful relationships and deep connection with other people? Fortunately the Bible tells us. It gives us specifics. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3: 14-15 "I'm writing these things to you so you ... will know how to live in the family of God. That family is the church of the living God."

How do you live in the family of God??

How do you develop and deepen relationships with other believers?

Some of you may have been Christians for many years or you may be a brand new believer. Whatever you're either one of these, I guarantee you that when we're through you're going to see the church in a way you've never seen before. I guarantee you're going to be more amazed at

God's plan in the church for your life and how it meets your deepest emotional, physical and spiritual needs because that's what God designed the family of God to be about. If you'll put into practice these ten building blocks for community you'll be more fulfilled in life, you'll find life more meaningful. You'll certtainly find it a whole lot easier if you'll just do what God says.

The ten building blocks are:

FREQUENCY - Make our group a priority

AUTHENTICITY - Share my true freelings

MUTUALITY - Encourage our spiritual growth

COURTESY - Respect our differences

SYMPATHY - Support you in times of need

HUMILITY - Accept your weaknesses

HONESTY - Speak the truth in love

MERCY - Forgive when I am hurt

CONFIDENTIALITY - Keep your confidences

UNITY - Support our purpose

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