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Welcome To The Planet   Doug Fields£45.00
40 Days of Purpose 6 Week Super-Series

The potential of 6 weeks of youth ministry programming on disk!

With the “Welcome to the Planet” Super-Series you have everything you’ll need to put together an entire 6 week student-message series. Utilising space-age MP3 technology, you’ll have the audio for all 6 messages by Doug Fields, plus his commentary on the series overall.

Also, you’ll get all of the programming and promotional elements for the series that were used in the student ministry at Saddleback Church. This includes everything from PowerPoint trivia games to promotional graphics. Until now, we’ve had no other resource that makes it easier for you to captivate, communicate and challenge your students to follow Jesus. We believe this super-series offers an incredible amount of material at an affordable price.

Series includes:

Week 1: The Challenge to Move Ahead (introduction to series)

Week 2: You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure (worship)

Week 3: You Were Formed for God’s Family (fellowship)

Week 4: You Were Created to Be Like Christ (discipleship)

Week 5: You Were Shaped for Serving God (ministry)

Week 6: You Were Made for a Mission (evangelism)

• 6 student messages by Doug Fields on CD and MP3 format

• Doug’s audio commentary for the entire series in MP3 format

• Word-for-Word transcripts for each of Doug’s messages

• Student outlines for each message in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint

• 6 all new Powerpoint trivia games, one for each week

• Series PowerPoint backgrounds

• Additional Powerpoint backgrounds for announcements, worship, etc

• Promotional series images for your web or student email

• Promotional desktop image

• Promotional series postcard

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