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Daily Devotional for Travelling Together

This Roadmap Devotional will be the guide to your pre-teenage groups as your church travels together the next 40 Days. You will learn about God's way to build better relationships with one another. The cool thing is that the entire family will be learning the smae memory verse each week.

The Roadmap Devotional will be their guide as they travel together the next 40 Days. You will see that each devotional pages has been written around the word ROAD. Here's how it works:

READ IT: Read a story each day to help you understand more about what we have learned in church the weekend before

OBEY IT: The daily Bible verse is God's instruction to you and will encourage you to stay on the right path.

ASK IT: A prayer is written for you to ask God to help you live out what you are discovering about community with others.

DO IT: Do you want some ideas on how to live out what you are learning? Read the DO IT section and then take action!

Have fun travelling together over the next 40 Days!

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