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Testimonies To Go - Volumes 3 - 4 DVD   £8.00
These DVDs are designed to provide encouragement to groups and individuals as they grow in their own recovery.

Testimonies have been part of Celebrate Recovery since the very first meeting in November 1991. The purpose of the “Testimonies To Go” DVD is twofold: (1) To help new Celebrate Recovery ministries get started with providing testimonies as a regular part of their weekly large and small group time; and (2) to provide encouragement to all of the courageous individuals as they grow in their own recoveries.

The DVD shows how God used Celebrate Recovery to change the lives of eight believers all struggling with different hurts, habits and hang-ups.


MARY: Anger stemming from abuse and infidelity nearly led her to murder and suicide. Feeling empty and without purpose she went in search of a Saviour. Through Celebrate Recovery and women she could share with, she learned how to have an intimate, loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

TIM: Abuse and abandonment kept him from trusting others. Working in ministry and becoming a pastor only proved to him his life was one contradiction after another. And he couldn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t until he came to Celebrate Recovery that he found a safe place where he could shed his fears and express his pain.

TINA: Drugs and Sexual Addiction cost her everything; her marriage, home, car, possessions and nearly her life. She was completely broken when she came to Celebrate Recovery and heard the word “We admitted.” With the support of women she grew to trust, Jesus Christ completely changed her life. She pioneered Celebrate Recovery’s group for Women’s Sexual Addiction.


MARNIE: An eating disorder and sexual addiction helped her mask the pain of childhood physical, verbal and emotional abuse. By the time she was broken and completely unaware of reality.

LETICIA: Crack cocaine and life on the streets lead her to prison and loss of parential rights with her son. She shares how working the Celebrate Recovery programme inside prison and continuing the work after release restored her relationships and gave her purpose “for such a time as this.”

CHARLIE: He spent years trying to ease the pain in his life with sex, alcohol and drugs, only to find that these very things made his pain worse. When he made the decision to trust God and commit to working the principles in Celebrate Recovery he found true healing and identity as God’s child.

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