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Foundations CD-ROM   Tom Holladay and Kay Warren£10.00
For use with Foundations Curriculum
11 Core Truths To Build Your Life On
Interactive CD-ROM

Foundations has been used as the doctrinal course at Saddleback Church, California. It helps believers connect the core teachings of Christianity with the realities of their daily lives.

For Windows® and Macintosh®

This CD-ROM contains Powerpoint® slides - Slides to guide the participant through each of the 24 sessions are included on the CD-ROM.

Additional Resources - the CD-ROM also contains additional handouts and supplemental programming resources that may be printed out and used.

Foundations is a complete resource for teaching believers the essential doctrines of Christian faith, providing the theological basis for living a purpose-driven life. Ideal for Sunday Night or midweek series, Weekday Bible Studies and study groups of any size Give your church members the key that can: Enable them to see how beliefs change behaviour. Lesson their day-to-day stress levels. Increase their security in an insecure world. Help them raise their children with a right perspective on life. Increase their love for and trust in God. The 24 sessions in Foundations will take you for thought-provoking, life-changing explorations of 11 core Christian truths: 1: The Bible 2: God 3: Jesus 4: The Holy Spirit 5: Creation 6: Salvation 7: Sanctification 8: Good and Evil 9: The Afterlife 10: The Church 11: The Second Coming

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