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Leadership Messages - Nehemiah   Audios & Transcripts£45.00
Lay Leadership Training Series
Study the making of a leader, the leader's prayer life and how a leader motivates, organises, handles opposition and resolves conflict.

For 25 years Rick Warren has been training and inspiring the staff and lay leadership of Saddleback Church. These special leadership messages are taken from actual training sessions. Amplify your leadership potential and lay leaders with these powerful and dynamic messages.


“Yah comforts”

This resource includes:

11 Audio CD’s

11 Reproducible Outlines

“O Lord, I beseech You, may Your ear be attentive to the prayer of Your servant and the prayer of Your servants who delight to revere Your name, and make Your servant successful today and grant him compassion before this man.” Now I was the cupbearer to the king. Nehemiah 1:11 (NASB-U)

In these 11 messages to his leadership Pastor Rick Warren looks at the extraordinary life and ministry of NEHEMIAH. From this book Rick draws critical principles and parallels on what it takes to be a super-successful achiever while leading people through a difficult project. These timeless lessons will sharpen any leader to become effective while maintaining his character and fulfilling God’s purposes.

This set contains:

The Making Of A Leader

The Leader’s Prayer Life

How A Leader Plans

How A Leader Motivates Others

How A Leader Organises A Project

How A Leader Handles Opposition

How A Leader Resolves Conflict

The Temptations Of Leadership

The Secrets Of Super-Achievers

How Leaders Maintain Their Success

What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

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