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Aim of the Campaign

This new campaign called ‘Building Relationships’ with God’s Love has been revised and adapted from the original teaching by Rick Warren and his team so that UK churches can easily  use this resource.  The campaign is based on 1 Corinthians 13 and looks at applying God's love into our relationships, church, home and all personal situations.

We have spent many months ensuring that our UK culture is carefully considered in the presentation of these materials and that any 'americanisms' that may cause confusion have been removed. In addition the six weeks small group DVD teaching will be taught by Rev David Beer and the Sunday School and youth resources have been compiled by a group of UK youth leaders.

We are confident that this resource will be suitable for a wide range of church sizes and denominations in the UK.



"As a church, we found the course very encouraging.  It united us in a common purpose especially by following the same readings. Members not previously engaged with small groups joined in and some contributed to discussions for the first time."   (Bowthorpe Church)

"The campaign went excellently.  Study questions led naturally to discussion. Didn't feel that getting a response was difficult.  Studies have spawned some new small groups.  Overall a very positive experience.  I would be happy to repeat the exercise (with different subject matter) at a later stage."      (Salvation Army, Norwich)

"The campaign went very well.  Almost all our congregation used the daily devotions.  The sermons were very well received and impacted on people's lives.  One particular problem of unforgiveness between church members was very satisfactorily resolved.  The group studies were very well received also and it helped that the DVD was by an Englishman.  Generally the campaign was considered to be even better than the previous 2 campaigne that we took part in."   (Harston Baptist Church)

"The 40 Days was excellent.  We had 3 groups before we started the build up.  On the first Sunday we had formed 10 Community Groups. Praise God.  The course itself was really well received and I had many positive feedbacks from my group leaders.  The course was excellent and the DVD was great."     (Chelmsford Community Church)

"The series went well.  Sunday morning teaching was appreciated by all.  We were able to start 2 new small groups on the back of it.  The 2 extra groups will be meeting in the future but they are not going to be every week.  The sermon notes were excellent.  The powerpoint bland and I jazzed them up a bit where I could.  The video clips also were disappointing, again too American as in the past, also too long for the main service."   (Tyndale Baptist Church)

"The only challenge we had was some people reading the first couple of days and thinking it was too simple for them.  They were persuaded to join in and I had no further negative come back.  In fact it was so succesful we will probably do 40 Days of Community but probably not until September 2010."     (St. Mary's Church, Eversley)

"The best thing, from my perspective as pastor, was that it enabled us to launch a new homegroup, which looks both strong - numerically and healthy - relationally.  The Sundays went well and discussions in the groups were good.  A couple of groups felt that some questions were a bit 'closed' and didn't invite discussion, but this was a minior issue overall."   (Woodbridge Quay Church)

 Building Relationships Campaign     

A very positive 'yes' has come back  from the 46 churches who have completed the first  English  Purpose Driven campaign  The ‘ 40 Days of Building Relationships with God’s Love ‘ campaign was originally presented by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church California and then rewritten and presented  in Germany . David Beer and Peter Simpson of Purpose Driven UK then rewrote the campaign  with  UK culture in mind.  David Beer also  rewrote and presented the talks for the small group DVD.  The campaign covers 40 Days and is suitable for all age groups. A small group and daily reading book links into a preaching series and small group discussion materials.  The main theme of the campaign is 'God’s Love’ and applies the biblical teaching of love into our church and community life and daily relationships. A powerful study and application which will help all Christians in their walk of discipleship and ministry.


We have simplified the process of ordering campaign resources.  You now have two alternatives:

Option 1.  Direct access to all campaign resources through this web site. 

You do not have to register and you can choose the resources you need for your church campaign, small group or personal study.  All resources will be priced as shown plus post and packing.


Option 2.  Register for a campaign and receive the following additional benefits:

• 25% discount on listed prices for registered campaign resources 
• Receive a full leadership registration pack with leaders helps, planning sheets, transcripts, Power-Points and resources. The pack also includes one sample of most of the resources and ordering details.
• Receive our support and experience in helping you to run your campaign
• Cost of registration and pack: £120 for larger churches and £60 for smaller churches. (We define a larger church as having more than 60 members in regular attendance.)


Register Online (Large Church) Register Online (Small Church)

What’s in the Registration Pack?

The Building Relationships Book.  This is the backbone of the Campaign. As each person in your church reads through the book , one chapter a day for 40 Days, they will begin to understand the depth of the biblical teaching on God’s love. The small group study is included as a part of this book.

DVD for small group study presented by David Beer 

Sermon CD containing transcripts.

Additional resources on CD

Campaign Manual offering detailed timelines and leaders guidelines.

DVD with seven short dramas to help in your presentations for adults and youth

Sample of Bookmarks with memory verses

Sample of Lobby Posters. A4 & A3 sample posters to promote your 40 Days of Purpose Campaign

Sample of Action Cards to encourage people to reach out to others

Commitment card sample

Youth and Sunday School resources are available from the resources section on this web site.

Additional Information

Key topics covered by the daily reading book 'Building Relationships ' and the small group studies:

Week 1.  Love- the key to life
Week 2.  Starting and Cultivating Relationships
Week 3.  Recognising and overcoming hidden dangers
Week 4.  Our personality is changed
Week 5.  Starting and deepening our relationship with God
Week 6.  When relationships go through difficult times

Key topics covered by the weekly sermon transcripts:

Week 1.  What matters most
Week 2.  Love is kind
Week 3.  Love does not envy
Week 4.  Love is humble
Week 5.  Love is respectful
Week 6.  Love is patient
Week 7.  Love is forgiving

1.  We prefer if you run your campaign during the autumn period (start September) or Lent (start seven Sundays before Easter Sunday) but this is not compulsory and we will willingly supply resources throughout the year.

2. Churches now have the option to customise their implementation of the campaign by choosing the resources they need. We would however strongly recommend that churches register and complete the full campaign for maximum impact.  The power and impact of the Campaign is best captured by the principle of “multiple reinforcement.” This means that the themes of the Campaign are reinforced by layering the same message as it is repeated from several perspectives: the Weekend Services, the weekly bible studies, the daily personal readings, and the weekly memory verse. All of these are essential to experience the full power of the Campaign. To extract any of the pieces means you minimize the impact.

3. Churches can team up with other churches but should still register as separate centres to help us with co-ordination and support.

4. All church sizes can complete a campaign. We have had small churches, as low as fifteen members; successfully complete a ‘Small Church’ campaign.

5. You can change your presentation  to your particular church style and denomination, you will select delivery mechanisms that suit your church culture. The campaign materials are designed in such a way as to give you maximum flexibility to customize everything so that it fits into your context, while still enabling you to deliver a message that’s consistent with biblical principles. We’ve heard story after story from “traditional” churches whose members were skeptical about this campaign working in their setting, but who were enthusiastic about it by the end of the first weekend after they saw lives changed through the power of the biblical truths presented during 40 Days.